Welcome to St. Bernard Catholic Church Parish!  If you are new to our area, we welcome you and want you to be a part of our Church family!  Registering begins by clicking on the Registration tab, visiting or calling the parish office (337-332-2159) or by using the bright yellow cards found at our church exits.  Using envelopes identifies you and your family as active and practicing for the purpose of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage sponsorship and for Catholic School enrollment.   

BE SOMEONE WHO MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  Religious Education Ministry and the youth of our parish need you.  Call 332-4488 or email christine@stbernardch.com to share your God-given gifts and talents and make a difference in the lives of our young children and teens.

An architect is needed to oversee and direct the possible structural/esthetical changes proposed for St. Bernard Church.  Call Donna Melancon at 332-2159, ext. 222, or Bruce Montesano at 332-1139.

We are preparing for our RCIA program.  Be a missionary for Christ and help bring the fire of the Holy Spirit to those in need of this program.  For information, call Emmaline Thibodeaux at 280-9058.

St. Bernard Church will accept non-perishable food donations in church every first Sunday of each month beginning September, 2015.  These items will be donated to the St. Bernard/St. Francis Food Pantry.

St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church celebrates its 250th anniversary with a Corpus Christi procession by boat along the Bayou Teche on Saturday, August 15th.  Fr. Champagne of the Community of Jesus Crucified would like to register up to 100 boats in the procession.  To register a boat, send an email to fetedieuduteche@gmail.com and a registration packet will be mailed to you.  To visit St. Martin de Tours website, click on the Helpful Links tab or go to www.saintmartindetours.org. 

The Breaux Bridge Quarterback Club annual Xtravaganza will be held on Sunday, August 8, 2015, at Pat's Atchafalaya club with entertainment provided by Nik-L-Beer.  For tickets or more information, call 962-3944 or 332-3467. 



Our Mission Statement

Welcome…     Seek...         Celebrate…

 To welcome the active; To seek the inactive; To celebrate the beauty of Christ present by prayerfully working to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all through the intercession of St. Bernard.

 This is our mission!  This is our challenge!


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Seminarian Ordained Deacon

Seminarian/Deacon Michael Richard


Seminarian Michael Richard was ordained to the Order of Deacon on Saturday, May 23, 2015, at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.  He was ordained as a Transitional Deacon, which means that he will continue moving on towards Priestly Ordination.  For Michael, this is the definitive moment of his journey.  Deacon Michael served as Deacon at St. Bernard Church this weekend, delivering homilies at both the 4:00pm Vigil Mass and the 10:30am Sunday Mass.  A reception was held in his honor after the 4:00pm Vigil Mass. We are so proud of Deacon Richard and we sincerely congratulate him on this step of his vocation.  


Letter from Deacon Michael Richard

I would like to express my thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.  On May 23rd I was ordained by Bishop Jarrell to the Diaconate.  It was a powerful and grace filled Mass, and it was the defining “yes” of my life.  At the Ordination, I made promises of service, celibacy, prayer, and obedience for the rest of my life.  The parish was with me in many ways.  I know several parishioners attended the Mass at the Cathedral, but the whole parish was with me in other ways as well.  During the Litany of Saints at Ordination Masses, the entire church asks for prayers upon those to be ordained as they lay prostrate on the floor in front of the Altar.  Our patron, St. Bernard, is not usually a part of that Litany, but I asked that he be added and he was.  Secondly, those being ordained enter the Cathedral in an alb.  This is white garment that priests and deacons wear under their outer garment for Mass.  The alb I wore at my ordination was given to be by St. Bernard Parish a few years ago.  For me, it symbolized the years of prayer and support that I have received from Breaux Bridge over the years.  As I put it on that morning, I was very conscious of that overwhelming support.  And lastly, I was vested as a Deacon for the first time during the Mass by Deacon Butch Hebert.

                It was great to be at the parish for the 4pm Saturday Mass and the 10:30am Sunday Mass that weekend.  I particularly would like to thank the Catholic Daughters and those who helped put on the reception that followed the 4pm Mass.  On Memorial Day, I moved into my new assignment which is at St. Peter’s Church in New Iberia.  I will be at St. Peter’s on my Diaconate Internship through mid-October.  Then I will return to Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans for my last semester and a half of formal studies.  God willing, I will graduate next May with a Masters in Theology and then be Ordained to the Priesthood on June 11th, 2016.  I am already looking forward to celebrating my First Mass of Thanksgiving as a Priest at St. Bernard next year.  Please keep me in your prayers as I serve the people of New Iberia and the Church.

 In Thanksgiving,

- Deacon Michael Richard


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St. Bernard Catholic Church Parish Staff

Meet our Pastor

Rev. F. David Broussard

Message from the Pastor

Dear Friends,

I sometimes think we Americans have just collectively lost our mind.  Some think we’re all “grown up” now with the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana (for medicinal purposes, of course), but recent hair-triggered responses to the crazed choices of some individuals might have a lot to say about just how childish we can still be.  I’m thinking of the almost wholesale “criminalization” of the Confederate flag, the ole “Stars and Bars”.  Really?  Don’t we have any bigger fish to fry?  The Dixie flag has almost been relegated to the ash heap of history already, but because one mad man took a few selfies wrapped in the Rebel flag before shooting a bunch of innocent people in a church, it’s now almost a mortal sin to have a flag like that!  Was it the flag that pushed him over the top?  Is it the flag that’s so evil?  Some say that it’s a symbol of hate, a symbol of “white supremacy”.  Maybe.  But most symbols are pretty powerful in their own right; it’s how people use them that makes the difference.  Did we get so upset when an “artist” submerged a crucifix in his own urine?  No.  Or when another government-funded “artist” smeared elephant do-do on a statue of the Blessed Mother?  Again, no.  We might get angry, but we don’t go ballistic as ISIS or Al-Qaida would.  Or do we?  Remember, the Confederate flag flew “officially” only from 1861-1865, but slavery was legal in the U.S. ever since the adoption of the Stars-and-Stripes (that is, from 1776-1861).  But I don’t hear of Wal-Mart refusing to sell American flags.  Wasn’t that once a “symbol of hate”, too?  Lately, big corporations like Ford, Coca-Cola and Xerox are stopping their financial support of Planned-Parenthood, ever since that young Catholic reporter blew the lid off the “under-the-radar” sale of baby body parts.  Why now?  These same corporations have been laughing at the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion for 40 years!  So, what’s all the feigned disgust about now?  Was it “OK” for all these decades to slaughter the innocents, but suddenly they’re offended when a few more bucks are made when the office lights are turned off?  I just can’t follow the new “logic”, but I pray God is still blessing America.  Have a blessed week.